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Transportation in New York City

New York is best explored on foot. Travelers really don't need a car when visiting New York - even those travelers heading to Long Island or other surrounding neighborhoods. Extensive public transportation makes it convenient to travel between areas of interest. Driving in the city can be hazardous to your health, especially if you're inexperienced at it. There's no such thing as defensive driving here. It's more about survival of the fittest and the fittest are usually cab drivers. Also, there's basically no such thing as free parking. Parking in most garages costs up to $20 (for three hours). It's ridiculous.

The subway system is one of the most comprehensive around. Stretching 714 miles long, it's the fastest way to get anywhere in the city and the outer boroughs (including the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens), and it runs 24 hours a day. Tokens are a mere $1.50, with reduced fares for people with disabilities and for senior citizens. For travelers on an extended trip, MetroCards, purchased for a specific amount, are also available at all subway stations.

Everyone has heard the horror stories about New York taxis. However scary they might be, they are very convenient. You can hail a cab at nearly every corner - even at night. The fare is $2 for the first 1/5-mile, 30¢ for each 1/5-mile thereafter, and 25¢ for each 75 seconds not in motion. A 50¢ surcharge is added to rides begun between 8 pm and 6 am. Bridge and tunnel tolls are extra, and drivers expect a 15% tip.

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